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History of Malvese Equipment Co., Inc.

There were not many automobiles being used on Long Island before World War I, but the President of the United States (Theodore Roosevelt), who had a home on the island, owned an auto and one night needed an emergency repair. The owner of the famous Beau Sejour Restaurant, where the President was dining, said that his friend George Malvese, could fix it. George Malvese, the owner and operator of the Central Park Garage, did just that. Central Park is better known these days as the thriving Community of Bethpage. That was in 1912, with only two employees, the Malvese Garage, a combination of gas, service and general repair center had already established the reputation for the dependability still associated with the Malvese name today.

Horse drawn wagons were giving way to trucks in those days and as mechanization increased, Malvese's garage business prospered. During the period from 1914-1917, the Malvese garage moved into a rented facility in Garden City park, while their new building was being erected in the same town. The new building was to include a blacksmith shop, inside storage areas, equipment repair bays with overhead cranes, parts departments, and industrial hardware department. At the time the Family still lived over the Hardware store, which meant they were literally available for the parts or service "round the clock". Agriculture was Long Island's principal industry well into the 1940's, and George Malvese sr., known affectionately as the "Skipper", changed the firm's direction entirely in the late teens when he was approached by the Cleveland Tractor Company to take on a new piece of equipment. This revolutionary piece of equipment was the Cletrac crawler tractor. "The early tractors were merely iron horses." says George Malvese, Jr., who started with the company in the mid-20's and remained Chairman of The Board until 2000. Bulldozers began to appear in the 1930's, along with Rome graders, Nelson loaders and Schramn air compressors. Malvese stocked them all and began the subtle changeover to heavy construction equipment which culminated in the construction booms of the 50's and 60's.

Dynahoes, Michigan loaders (now Volvo) and Mobil were other lines added as the company switched over to construction equipment. As the agricultural market faded in the face of continued urbanization, Malvese responded to the challenge by going after different markets- private estates, golf courses, municipalities and schools.

    Just before WWII, Malvese acquired the Ford tractor line (now New Holland). By the late 40's the Company had reached the point where it had to be divided into three separate organizations. For more efficiency, the construction equipment part became George Malvese & Co., Inc.; the mower company became Malvese Mowers & Equipment Inc. and the tractor operation became Malvese Tractor & Implement Co., Inc. In 1959, Malvese re-dedicated itself to the Long Island market by opening its new 49,000 sq ft headquarters at Old Country Rd in Hicksville.


In 1981, Paul G. Malvese, son of George P., and grandson of the founder, became President of the Company and continued to be until the year 2000 when he became Chairman of the Board. In 1983, after some experimentation, Malvese expanded its operation to the eastern end of Long Island. A new 12,000 sq. ft. building on a 7 acre site became the firm's Riverhead Branch.

In 1997, the Malvese Companies located in Hicksville were merged into the current Malvese Equipment Co., Inc and moved into a 15,000 sq ft newly renovated building on two acres of property at One Henrietta Street, Hicksville NY.

    In 2001, Malvese acquired the Schwarze street sweeper line to replace Mobil sweeper, and in 2002 acquired the Westward Industries GO-4 line to replace the Cushman vehicles used by Security and Police Forces.

The Malvese Family continues to own the dealership that has always been unique for the number of equipment lines carried. Malvese Equipment services their customers with their trademark of excellence, part sales and repair services. Dedicated to quality and service. We have served Long Island and New York Metropolitan Area for over 100 years and will continue to provide outstanding support to all of our customers!

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